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How Does A Manual Exhaust Valve Exhaust
May 04, 2018


Water is usually dissolved in a certain amount of air, the solubility of air will decrease with the increase of water temperature. When water circulates in the floor heating system, the air will gradually separate out, climb up the pipe, and eventually gather at the highest point of the system, so the exhaust valves are usually installed at the top of the system.

How does an automatic exhaust valve exhaust
An automatic exhaust valve is a controller mounted on the system architecture, used to release valves produced in the heating system and water supply pipes, and is widely used in water separator, radiator, floor heating, air conditioning and water supply system.

The gas in the system is constantly escaping and accumulating to the highest place. When the pressure of the gas is greater than the pressure of the system, the buoy will fall down and drive the stem to move downward. The valve opening will open the gas continuously and automatically. When the gas pressure is lower than the system pressure, the buoy moves up and drives the stem upward, and the valve mouth closes and stops the exhaust. Automatically This is the constant circulation of the exhaust valve.

The above are the introductions of the exhaust valve of the floor heating manifold, which is one of the most common causes of ground heating and is also the best solution.

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