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How To Know If The Quality Of Manifold Is Good Or Not ?
Dec 07, 2018

Floor heating manifold is the device to adjust the floor heating water flow and control water inlet&outlet, Equivalent to the heart of the floor heating system. So how to choose a good quality water manifold ?

1. From the connection form of the floor heating water separator and the system,Since the floor heating water collector is often subjected to the impact of hot and cold water, the general sealing material is easily aged and damaged. When O-rings or gaskets are used for joints, in the repeated frequent impact of hot and cold water, it is usually necessary to replace or repair them in 2-3 years. Therefore, some high-end foreign brands and domestic manufacturers with hard-sealed joint production equipment and technology now use hard-sealed connections between metals. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the manifold, it is wise to choose a hard seal joint.




2. From the material point of view, there are currently stainless steel, copper, and polymer synthetic materials on the market. From the structural point of view, there are assembly, welding, forging and splicing. The copper water separator is divided into copper, copper chrome plating, copper nickel plating, etc., copper is the original color of copper, but after a long time, it will produce copper rust; and after adding chrome or nickel on the outside of pure copper, the surface will be used for a long time. As new, never rust. The surface of the chrome-plated water separator is a silver-white bright surface, while the nickel-plated water separator is a silver-brushed surface. The thicker the water separator, the better, the more expensive and the more durable. The common wall thickness is 2.0mm. , 2.5mm, 3.0mm.


3. From the process of manufacturing the floor heating water separator,The manufacturing process control of the floor heating water separator is a necessary link to ensure the quality of the water separator. If the processing accuracy is not high, the assembled product will be easy to loosen, and the surface finish of the propeller stem will not meet the requirements, etc., which will seriously affect the service life and quality of the manifold, and even directly lead to water leakage of the manifold. Therefore, it is recommended that users must understand the structure, manufacturer, materials, after-sales service and other related information when selecting the water separator. Choose a genuine and cost-effective product with reasonable structure and guaranteed after-sales service.

4. From the perspective of the valve core, there are two kinds of core ,ball valve and stop valve structure. The stop valve is relatively more resistant to wear; In addition, an electric actuator can be used to achieve automatic local temperature control as well.



The low-grade simple water separator is likely to cause the overall system to be unsmooth, so that the boiler reflects insufficient combustion or other failures. In the case of satisfying the room temperature control, it is difficult to ensure the length of the floor coil is close to the low range. The simple water separator cannot adjust the loop compression and balance the flow, which may cause hydraulic imbalance, undercurrent or over current, which may cause local heat or overheating.

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