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The Made-in-China In World Cup Russia
Jun 15, 2018

Better than the national football team! The “Made in China” inventory of the World Cup !

Since the sole debut of the Japan and South Korea World Cup in 2002, the Chinese men's soccer team has continuously missed four World Cups. BUT! ! ! "Made in China" has made its way out of every session, and this year's lineup is particularly large.


For example, the 17 sponsors of World Cup this year, Chinese companies took five seats, including Wanda, the first-tier sponsor on an equal footing with Adidas and Coca-Cola, and the second-tier sponsors VIVO and Mengniu, along with Budweiser and McDonald's. Hisense, and third-tier sponsor Yadi. Sets the highest number of consecutive Chinese sponsors!


What else do not you know about the World Cup "Made in China" Corps?

 1 Mascot "Zabivaka"


The World Cup mascot , the Siberian plain wolf “Zabivaka” is the only authorized company in the world. It is the Hangzhou Fude Brand Management Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou Xiaoshan. It is worth that more than 100 batches of mascots were produced in the World Cup. The Internet Beverly matched the online data and quickly found more than 30 factories with equal production capacity, located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi and Anhui, Fujian and other 10 provinces.

2 Silver of commemorative coins medal

Silver of commemorative coins medal.png

The Russian World Cup commemorative coin stamp is made by the Nanjing Mint Factory.

3 Commemorative Edition"world Cup"

Dongguan Weiguang Group is the only official supplier of Gold Cup in the World Cup (except in Europe) and the only gift authorized company in China (except soft toys). This is the seventh time that the company has participated in the World Cup.

According to reports, Weiguang Group's fate with the World Cup began with the Hong Kong show. A trader authorized by FIFA discovered Weiguang at the show and decided to produce licensed products by its foundry. As early as the 1994 World Cup in the United States, Weiguang had already received orders from traders to produce products for the World Cup.

4 World Cup Football

4 World Cup Football.png4 World Cup Football 01.png

The sharp-eyed classmates have discovered that the World Cup official football Telstar18 (TV Star) is also made in China. It is said to have originated from a Shenzhen company. In the special style of the World Cup, TV Star 18 has also implanted an innovative NFC chip, and the live fans can even connect the game football through a smart phone.

5 Press conference background screen

5 Press conference background screen.png

In the Russian World Cup, during the seven press conferences of the opening football match and finals, they will no longer use the traditional background board, but it will instead of using the electronic large screen . These screens will be built by Hisense.

6 Central air conditioner

6 Central air conditioner.png

A total of 12 stadiums in the Russian Football World Cup were held. Foshan's Midea Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. won the bid for seven central air-conditioners, including the final venue Luzhniki Stadium, and became the Chinese brand with the highest number of bids. In recent years, Midea central air conditioner has successively undertaken a series of "landmark" projects such as the Russian Winter Palace, the Russian Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and the Russian Federal Taxation Office. The multi-line market share has exceeded 10%.

7 Chiller

7 Chiller.png

Gree Electric in Zhuhai became the only chiller brand used in the Moldovan arena, changing  large-scale air-conditioning units independently developed by China to reappear on the world stage.

8 Battery car 

8 Battery car.png

The only battery supply right for designated battery car for this World Cup won by Zhejiang Tianneng Group.

9 LED display system

9 LED display system.png

Nearly 2,000 square meters of LED display screens from Absen will be displayed at the three main stadiums of World Rostov Stadium, Kaliningrad Stadium and Kazan Stadium; Alto will enter the World Cup three times in a row, and the company’s LED display will be released to 11 Stadiums and news halls.

10 "Yiwu made"

10 Yiwu made.png

According to CCTV reports, small Yiwu traders are trying their best to make up the small flag used on the World Cup site. They are now busy and have no time to eat. The reporter interviewed the person in charge of a small factory. The person in charge said: Workers are busy from 7 0`clock in the morning to 10 o`clock in the evening and their monthly salary is 16,000 yuan. The head of a textile company stated that the small flag had already produced 70,000 pieces, and that in order to sell it, it would pay attention to the progress of each team in the World Cup.

11 China tourist

11 China tourist.png

According to FIFA`s latest data, nearly 37,000 of the 1.7 million tickets in the World Cup were sold to Chinese fans. We are the country with the second highest number of ticket buyers in countries that did not enter the World Cup finals. It is estimated that 100,000 Chinese tourists will travel to Russia during the World Cup.

12 Crayfish

12 Crayfish.png

China also sent 100,000 "World Cup Edition" crayfish to "sweep" Russia... The 100,000-barrel Chinese-European class coupe, which was launched in Wuhan recently, is expected to arrive in Moscow in mid-June, including spicy, Garlic, thirteen incense and other flavors.

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