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The Meaning Of HVAC
Jun 11, 2018

Heating-as known as heat supply, It refers to provide heat to buildings and keep a certain temperature indoors.


Ventilation-The process of sending and removing air into and out of space using natural or mechanical methods.


Air-adjusting (abbreviated as air-conditioning) is a technology that meets production and living requirements, improves labor hygiene conditions, using artificial methods to achieve certain requirements,such as air temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, and airflow speed for parameters in rooms or confined spaces. .


HVAC is consists of these three parts technology. Abbreviated as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning)

Material status

Solid, Liquid, Gaseous


Liquid vaporization into a gaseous process: endothermic;

Gaseous liquefaction into a liquid process: exothermic;

Solid state melting into a liquid process: endothermic;

Liquid solidification into a solid process: exothermic;

Solid state sublimation into a gaseous state process: endothermic;

Gaseous solidification into a solid state process: exothermic;


Note: Solid-liquid transitions will be used in ice storage systems; The changing state will store large amounts of energy: latent heat.

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