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The Operation Method Of Floor Heating Manifold
May 04, 2018

The floor-heating manifold is a diverting that divides the hot water or hot steam from the main heating pipeline into several sub-pipes and to each room. It is an essential equipment for radiant floor heating. To a certain extent, the floor heating manifold determines the service life of floor heating. In order to achieve a good floor heating system circulation, the correct method of using the floor heating manifold is very important for the entire floor radiant heating system. From the heating supply prior period, the middle period, and the end of period, we analyze how to use the floor heating manifold.


First time run through hot water
The first operation should be gradually injected hot water for the first time to start the geothermal heat, when running the hot water, first open the manifold water supply total loop valve, gradually increase the hot water temperature into the pipeline to circulate. Check the manifold interface whether or not in the same, and gradually open the manifold valve. If the manifold and pipe leakage phenomenon turns, you should be promptly closed water supply valve and contact with the developer or geothermal company timely.

First time run the exhaust method
In the first operation of the geothermal system, the gas plugs are easily generated due to pressure and water resistance in the pipelines, which results in non-circulation of the supply and return water and unequal temperatures, It should be exhausted one by one.As shown in the following figure, the method is: close the heating of the total return valve and each loop for adjustment, first open a regulating valve on the manifold, and then open the exhaust valve on the water return bar to discharge the water exhaust, after draining the air, close the valve and open the next valve. And so on, after each row of air is drained and the valve is opened, the system is officially operational.

The outlet pipe is cool and the filter should be cleaned
Each manifold is equipped with a filter in front of it. When there is too much impurity in the water, the filter should be cleaned in time. When there is too much impurity in the filter, It will appear outlet pipe and geothermal is not hot Phenomena, etc. Usually, the filter should be cleaned once a year. The method is: close all the valves on the manifold, use a spanner to open the filter end cap in counterclockwise, remove the filter for cleaning, then return to the original condition after cleaning. Open the valve and the floor heating system will work. If the indoor temperature is lower than 1°C in winter, users are advised to drain the water from the floor heating pipe coil to prevent freezing.

After the end of heating, all the water will be output
After the end of the annual heating period, you shall discharge all the filtering water in the floor heat net. Because the boiler pipeline water contains many tiny particles such as slime, Impurities, and rust,  the water is turbid, and the internal diameter of the floor heat pipe net is very fine. The calcium, magnesium, and salt contained in the water precipitates to generate hard scale and hangs on the ground. On the inner wall of the pipe net, the bend area is more serious. Even if it is flushed by the pressurized water flow, this is also the reason that the floor heating is to be cleaned. The specific cleaning steps have been described in the article "How to clean a floor heating pipe" and it is no longer repeatedly here.

Using skills
1. The manifold can divide and control the heating temperature of each room . Users can adjust the temperature of the room according to their own needs. The manual exhaust valve of the manifold can discharge the gas in the pipeline to ensure the heating temperature of the pipe.

2. There is a filter on the front of the manifold. During the heating period every year, the user periodically and irregularly removes the filter at the end of the filter and cleans it to ensure the cleaning of the water pipe. After the heating is completed, you should clean the pipe net by cleaning water..

3. At the beginning of heating, the temperature will not be felt immediately. During this time, the indoor concrete floor is gradually heated and heat energy is stored. After 2-4 days, the design temperature can be reached. If the user's own using, the heating water temperature should not exceed 65 °C.

4. If you are not stay at home for a long time, you can use the main valve of the manifold to reduce the amount of circulating water and do not close it all. If there is no heating in the room throughout the winter, the water in the tube should be drained.

As a system project, floor heating and air conditioning are all affiliated with high-power electrical appliances, and they have their own service life. If using methods improperly and their maintenance methods are wrong, It is likely to bad during using. As the heart of the floor heating system, how to use the floor heating manifold, and learn how to use floor heating manifold can help us to use the floor heating better. Not only can we save money and effort, but we can also achieve a better and safer house heating effect.

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