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The Reason Of Leakage Of Floor Heating Manifold
May 04, 2018

In the past two years, the manufacturers have been thinking about the technology and structure of the products in order to solve the problem of water leakage in the floor heating water manifold, at the same time the new various of products have come out continuously. The products choose the corrosion-resistant material like stainless steel, copper, polymer synthetic material and so on. Structurally, it progresses from the assembly, welding to forging splicing. And recently, integral forging water distributor has been developed. The new type of yellow brass integral forging with a new type of absolute leakage design, has been published, which solves the problem of leakage from the structure of the product and effectively eliminates the hidden danger of water leakage in the ground heating water separator.


However, as we all know, the floor heating water manifold leaks not only because the structure but also the sealing materials. The control of system involves many parts which exists necessary connection of all pares , so the selection of the connection form and the selection of the sealing material are very important to the leakage prevention of the ground heating water manifold.

It is the key to perfect the structural design of the manifold
According to the analysis of the structure of the manifold, the installation and usage of various manifold on the market are put in very big difference due to their different structural forms. Take copper manifold for example, the most common manifold with assembly type distributor, is favored by many manufacturers due to its simple production process and low technical requirements. The valve production enterprises even the general machinery manufacturing enterprises can produce this kind of water manifold as long as they have the ability of machine processing , so the proportion of this water manifold is the highest in the market. Of course, there are also many water manifold with strict production technology and reliable quality, and many famous brands abroad have been using this structure. But this type of water manifold has many contacts, it is easy to leak once the technology is not controlled cautiously. The other type is the integral forging or cast water manifold, which greatly reduces the assembly nodes and effectively subtracts a lot of possible hidden water leakage points. It's the ideal structure of the visible water manifold on the current market.

Improve the connection of the diversity water device and the system
One of the biggest hidden trouble is the connection of manifold and system which can lead to water leakage. O type ring or seal gasket is typically used for the connection of manifold and system. General sealing materials are easily damaged by aging because the work environment of the water manifold is often impacted by cold and hot water. Some high-end foreign brands use metal hard seal connections and be imitated by many domestic products. However, the level of production technology can not reach the requirements, the product precision does not meet the requirements of hard seal, and the material selection is cheap so the docking material does not have the corresponding complementation compression. Owing to the reasons above, it is often difficult to make hard seal.

It is necessary to choose the suitable sealing material
As far as the level of production technology of civilian products is concerned, many nodes on the distributor must have O rings to complete the sealing. So it is very important to choose the material of the O ring. The temperature of the joint interface of the water pipe and the heat pipe, especially the water inlet, is high. Because the manifold pipe often impacted by the cold and hot water impact. Therefore, productions should use the high temperature resistant material with moderate hardness , and generally EPDM is pretty suitable. The interface seal between the distributor and the valve is a one-off sealing connection between metal and metal. In the material selection, It is needed to take high temperature resistance into account. Generally, the silicone rubber is superior,due to the resistance of heat and aging are better than the common EPDM. The experiment shows that the NBR material, especially the carboy NBR and the hydrogenated NBR which has excellent resistance to high temperature and wear resistance, is very suitable for the use of the temperature controlled valve rod in the separate water device. However, considered with the cost of NBR, the manufacturer usually still chooses EPDM more because of the high cost performance.

The control of manufacturing process is the necessary part to solve the leakage problem.
In addition to the structural and material causes, the control of the manufacturing process is also a necessary part to solve the leakage of the floor heating manifold. For example, the processing precision is low, the assembled product is loosened, the surface smoothness of the valve stem is not conformed to the requirements and so on. It will also seriously affect the service life of the water separator, and even lead to the water leakage.

Compared with the traditional heating system, floor heating is a form of system which is composed of the ground warm water separator and the ground heating pipe. How to do when the water heating manifold leak? Generally speaking, the reasons of leakage of floor heating water manifold is is associated with design, manufacture and material. So consumers need to know a little about the structure of the product, the manufacturer, the material, the after-sale service and so on. In this way, you are able to choose the products with reasonable structure, guaranteed after-sale products and high cost performance.

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