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The Structure Of Floor Heating Manifold
May 04, 2018

The floor heating water manifold is composed of water-division main pipe and water collection main pipe. The water-division main pipe is connected to the water supply pipe of the pipe net system. The main function is divert hot water from the pipe network system through floor-buried floor heating pipes to rooms where floor heating is required.

When the hot water flows in the floor heating pipe, heat is transferred to the floor, and the floor delivery heat to the room. The other end of the floor heating pipe is connected to the collector of the manifold. After the room heat is removed, the temperature-reduced water returns to the pipe net system through the collector and then complete a cycle.

The manifold is the “hydro-junction” of the floor heating system.

Due to the influence of hydraulic characteristics, the length of floor heating pipes needs to be limited within a certain range. Therefore, the area covered by a loop is limited. For this reason, the realization of heating supply in an area must be finished by multiple loops, and the device for distributing heat medium and collecting heat medium for the multiple loops is a manifold, so people usually call the manifold for the "water control project" in the floor heating system.


From the installation diagram of the floor heating manifold, the floor heating manifold structure is not complicated. In the dispute between import and domestic, consumers can use the floor heating structure to measure the manufacturing process of the floor heating system, the auxiliary materials whether using is regular, and the specific installation process and construction pictures,users can learn more through the floor heating installation manual.

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