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The Working Principle Of Floor Heating Manifold
May 04, 2018


Floor radiant heating is an advanced heating mode. Its principle is to heat the floor with circulating hot water or direct laying heating cable under the floor or floor tile under the floor, and heat the floor through a large area of ground, which is mainly radiated to the floor in a mild and uniform space. The body feels the dual thermal effects of heat and air temperature. The ground heating system is divided into three parts .
1. heat-supply system (Self heating of large boiler for central heating, Wall hanging furnace, gas furnace, electronic control infrared equipment, etc)
2. Control system (Sub-water Catcher, multi-function filter, Return valve, mixed water pump, circulating pump, etc)
3. Heat Exchange System (Thermal insulation board, radiation paper and fixed steel net, etc.)

The ground heating water separator is the control center of the whole indoor geothermal heating. It has the function of shunt partial pressure. When the heat medium flows into the room and than enters the main bar of the water separator after the multi-function filter. In this link, the filter filters out impurities in the heat medium to prevent impurities from entering the underground pipe network . The main bar is horizontal installation,in this way, utilizing the same height, the principle of equal pressure, the heat medium is evenly distributed to the branch pipe road, after the heat exchange system, the branch pipe flow back to the main bar, and then the return water inlet of the heating system. In addition, adding a mixed water device in self heating, that is to say after the heat exchange, the heat medium (water) temperature is still very high, after the mixed water system, the flow into the main bar of the water separator, so that the heating can also save energy.

If the principle of the water heater is analyzed theoretically, it can not control the temperature of the room, but it can be done in practice. The heating water separator is a sub - flow installation of a number of sub pipes that send hot or hot steam from the main heating pipe to each room of your home. Because the ground heating water separator is divided into water flow, if you open the water, the circulation speed up, the indoor temperature is high, but if each road valve will be half open, or a single half open, you half open the valve control pipe water flow is small, the water circulation is slow, relative indoor temperature is low. If the hot water is closed, it will not circulate. The application of the diversity water collector is able to adjust the indoor temperature, so that the main function of the floor heating distributor is to control the indoor temperature.

The floor heating is the fastest growing form of household heating in the past 20 years. At present, the application range of the heating water separator is carried out from the original heating region to the south of the Yangtze River.

Warm-water manifold has simple operating principle. It is not only far ahead comfort but also economic efficiency. To understand the how the water manifold work is more advantageous to consumers to choose and use the floor heating.


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