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What Is The Water Mixing System For House Heating ?
Nov 13, 2018

What is the water mixing control center for house heating ?

The control center is designed for mixing the primary supply water with the under floor heating return water. It is appropriate for the heating area no more than 200m².Special programmable thermostat can control both room temperature and supply water temperature. Thermostat temperature limitation function (with a temperature range of 5~65) can protect the water pump when there is no water flow .LED thermometer for indicating the supply water temperature.

It has the characteristics of high performance, high precision, large flow, and no fouling. The overall structure is tight and easy to install. Limit temperature type water cut protection function (water pump start minimum temperature control), system boost, increase flow. The role is to protect the boiler, prolong the service life of the boiler, improve the energy efficiency of the boiler, and save gas usage fees. It can truly achieve compartment control, ensure that each area opened separately can provide comfortable heating temperature, increase the flow rate of heating water, and improve the heat transfer effect. In the floor heating and radiator mixed system to protect the floor heating pipe.


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