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Where Is The Best Place To Install The Floor Heating Manifold
May 04, 2018

The floor-heating manifold is composed of two parts: water separation and water collection. They are collectively referred to as the floor-heating manifold. The manifold is a water distribution device used to connect the heating pipes and water supply pipes in the water system. The water collector is a water collecting device used to connect the return pipes of the heating pipes in the water system. The main parts of the floor manifold are water separator, water collector, inner joint head, filter, lock valve, joint head, valve, exhaust valve and heat meter.


Multiple positions can be selected
In fact, there are many locations where the water separator can be installed, as long as the design is reasonable, for example, it can be designed into the bathroom, and the bathroom is provided with a waterproof layer. In case the running water problem occurs in manifold, the water can slide along the floor drain and it will not collapse. Secondly, the water separator also can be installed outdoors. The purpose of this installation is mainly to convenient for the maintenance during the later period. For example, on the balcony of the kitchen, if the leakage phenomenon turn can also be discharged through the floor drain.

Generally installed on the wall below the fireplace
The floor-heating manifold is generally installed on the wall below the wall-mounted boiler. The location requires to easy operation and is convenient for sewage disposal. Because the outlet water and the return water are set on each side, they must be staggered to a certain position, which is convenient for the matching of the outlet pipe and the return pipe on the same way. The height should be close to the ground, the installation should be firm and reliable, and it is not easy to be misplaced by other objects.

Warm water separator installation requirements
1. The manifold is installed on the wall and special use box, generally installed in the kitchen room;
2. The valve below the manifold should be more than 30cm away from the floor, installed horizontally;
3. The water supply valve is installed in front of the manifold, and the return valve is installed behind the manifold;
4. The filter is installed in front of the manifold;
5. Distributor connection sequence: connected to the main water supply pipe - lockable valve - filter - ball valve - three links (temperature, pressure gauge, interface) - manifold (upper bar) - geothermal pipe - water collector (the lower bar )—Ball valve—Connects to the water return pipe.


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