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Thermostat With Connection Thread M30x1.5

Thermostat With Connection Thread M30x1.5

Thermostatic head for radiator valve with liquid sensor 1. Characteristics of Thermostatic head European standard design Humanization design outlook ,easy to install and simple to operate Sensitive adjusting and excellent linearly Convenient to set the temperature ( it could be set up on a fix...

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Thermostat with connection thread M30x1.5 

1. Characteristics of Thermostat 

  • Liquid-filled thermostat with high pressure power and precision control

  • With 2 clips for marking, limiting or blocking

  • Symbols for basic setting and nighttime set back

  • Brief data including the most important settings

  • Rotation direction indicator

  • Markings designed for the visually impaired

2. Technical information

  • Temperature lag : 1.0K

  • Maximum working pressure : 10 bar

  • Maximum differential pressure : 1.0 bar

  • Rated different pressure : 16 bar

  • Maximum water temperatuer : 110°C

  • Adjustable Temperature range : 6-28°C

  • Room temperature(°C): 6  12  16  20  24  28

  • Scale interval      :          *    1     2    3    4    5


3. Product introduction of Thermostat 

The thermostat with liquid sensor have a thread connection M30X1.5 and can be mounted to all radiator .The temperature setting may be limited or locked by using the limiting elements. The thermostat do not only have a setting device for visually handicapped people .

4. Certification


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